First Announcement: II NORNDiP Annual Conference

Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics (NORNDiP 2019)

II Annual Conference
4-5 November 2019, Helsinki, Finland

First Announcement

Welcome to the second annual conference of the Nordic Network for Diversity in Physics (NORNDiP)!

NORNDiP is a project started at the end of 2017 by an international group of female scientists from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, and funded by NordForsk, with the ambition to establish a strong, wide, and inclusive network of women and men in physics who live, work, study or have scientific collaborations within the Nordic countries. Strong because we aim to make it durable over time, wide because we wish to involve as many people as possible from different nationalities and generations, and inclusive because we want to consolidate networking between women and men.
Physics is by tradition considered as a typically male subject. All physics departments in the Nordic countries have an uneven gender distribution with an excess of men at all levels, from undergraduate students to professors. Not so many women as men choose to study physics and the proportion of women decreases for each step up in their career path (leaky pipeline). Also in the private sector the gap between female and male scientists is too wide.

We envision the establishment of a Nordic Network which will work on short- and long-term objectives and initiatives to enhance gender balance within the field of physics and related sciences. This conference is the first public event and we hope in a large participation of scientists, students, innovators, R&D leaders and all other categories of physics lovers from academia, research institutes and companies.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

    • Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Switzerland – to be confirmed
    • Jadranka Gvozdanovic, Professor at University of Heidelberg, Germany – topic: Implicit bias

The conference will also include presentations from young female scientists, representatives from funding agencies and other projects related to empowering women and girls roles, a poster session, a panel discussion, and a group work. Representatives of all genders are welcome to submit an abstract on either physical sciences or diversity/equality work!

Abstract submission deadline is 30 September 2019.

The conference will start on Tuesday 4 November at 12:00 (Eastern European time) and will end on Wednesday 5 November at around 15:00.

On-line registration will be open until 15 October 2019, and will include free membership to receive periodic updates on our initiatives of interest for your career or studies.

Please, save the date. Further details about the program and the complete list of speakers will be announced soon.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Barbro Åsman, Conference Chair
on behalf of NORNDiP 2019 Organizing Committee

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